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  • 5 Steps to create a Market Dominating Position
    Below are 5 Steps to  create a Market Dominating Position Step #1… determine your strategic position in the market • What specific niche market or segment of the marketplace should
  • Businesses are either growing and innovating or dying
    Many successful businesses get comfortable and quit looking for new ways to improve their product or service. Blockbuster is a prime example: Blockbuster dominated the video market by stocking more
  • 99 Questions to Jump-Start Your Email Writing
    Here are 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Email Writing: 1. What keeps your readers up at night?2. Can you describe your PERFECT customer?3. Your WORST customer?4. What questions do
  • 12 Ways To Add Value for your customers
    Below are ways to add value for your customers: 1. Gift vouchers – provide added value and convenience • You can sell gift vouchers to people who can then give them
  • 3 steps to review your pricing model
    Below are three steps to ensure your pricing model is correct: First, single or fixed pricing  • Businesses that can differentiate themselves by offering a set price are those that