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Having the internet at home is more important now than at anytime in history. Our jobs, medical care, and education for our children all require it. Nearly one out of four American households do not have this communication lifeline, including 4 million school-age children! Access to communications services is considered a basic need, just like having access to electricity and water. President Ronald Reagan approved the Federal Communications Commission Lifeline program in 1984 to make communication services like landline phones more affordable for low-income consumers.  The program has expanded since to include broadband internet service, which makes it ready to deploy during this crisis. Internet access is more important than ever since our nation’s health depends on workers staying home and not going into classrooms.  We can make a real difference for those struggling financially during this crisis with this common-sense solution. Please share this with friends and family who are fortunate enough to have home internet to help those who do not have broadband access. Please add your name to our petition to Congress and the FCC to expand a program that offers deep discounts on the internet to low-income families and those struggling to make ends meet during this crisis. Help Ritch and Associates bring attention to this common-sense solution for parents and children who need help right now! 

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