Rob’s Brands

  • Simple Marketing Firm
    Simple Marketing Firm provides strategic marketing plans based on the current market conditions in your industry. We provide several levels of service: DFY (Done For You) We provide the plan
  • Secured Equity Group
    Secured Equity Group is a family office that invests in business and real estate ventures.
  • Media Consolidation Group
    Media Consolidation Group provides media and advertising space at affordable rates through it’s publications and the bulk purchasing of media from other sources such as magazines, blogs, influencers, social media,
  • Robert Ritch Foundation
    The Robert Ritch Foundation manages the charitable giving of Robert Ritch’s companies as well as running campaigns and events to raise funds for Non-profit organizations.
  • Ritch and Associates
    Ritch and Associates is a registered lobbyist and was formed to monitor and lobby for issues affecting entrepreneurs, business owners and investors who would not normally have access to Congress.